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If you look in the corner and see my avatar, you see a fierce looking, red eyed, mega afro'ed black amazon glaring at you. That's my Girl Urtha The Unstoppable. I make this point (and have done so in the past) because there has been some confusion over authorship. The talented and prolific Manic has used my character in several of his stories even naming his supergroup "The Unstoppables" This was done with my consent... after a few issues were ironed out. Still the confusions persist and I blame my own tardy ass for not being as prolific. This is going to change beginning this year, as I've finally upgraded my set up and with a new job and salary, managed to purchase a large format scanner for comic sized pages. So you will finally get to see Urtha as I intended her to be as well as other OC's that I'm developing. (FYI, "Woman" and "Wundabar" are a couple of OC's I hope to revisit.)

But to be clear Once And For All (I hope!:-) ) here are the ground rules.

1.URTHA THE UNSTOPPABLE IS THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND CREATION OF BRIAN THOMAS (BTX) any use of this character and other OC's created by me needs to be cleared with me first. It's really that simple. You have my email link, or you can use the "Note" function on my homepage. So it's not hard at all. I'm pretty flexible with most things and will most likely say 'yes'. But this is a courtesy I would extend to any artist and their creation and that courtesy should be extended to us all.

2.GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE. I've seen some wonderful work inspired by such character's as Dave Matthew's Tetsuko, Pumpmonger's Red, Jeb's Fisticuff to name a few. Proper credit is always given to them and I expect no less for Urtha or any other character I create. Place the acknowlegement "Urtha the Unstoppable created by BTX" or "Urtha created by Brian Thomas" at the bottom of the work or as a header to your story.

3.ANY USE OF URTHA OR OTHER OC'S IS STRICTLY NOT FOR PROFIT! This as absolute with me. Manic doesn't do Urtha commissions. I don't do Stellar commissions or Tetsuko or Fisticuff. Pumpmonger I think pays for commissions of his character Red but she's always credited to him. Manic will include Urtha because he likes the idea of the character. I don't pay him to do it. So if you want to do something out of love of the character, fine as long as you give credit to me and don't try to make a dime off her.

4.WHEN IN DOUBT... ASK. Look, I'm here to have fun like the rest of you. I'm not the police and will not relentlessly patrol the net for unauthorized use of Urtha or anyone else. In fact like other artists, I like to be pleasantly surprised and flattered by someone's interpretation of my creation. But if it's something that you think of as ifffy... or using Urtha in an unorthodox manner,(Fonzie just told me he uses Urtha as a character in an online game) Please ask, that's all. Because if I do have trouble with it, believe me I'll respond.

Stay tuned,


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chaoswolf1982 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad to clear the air on this. As most of the Urtha art I've seen was by Manic - mostly various transformation sequences - and the non-Manic art I'd seen was only a few pinups, I'd been assuming the Mighty Queen of the Otowe was his character by dint of amount of art made, until now. Live and learn, I suppose.

And incidentally, I gotta agree with mercblue22, you were very creatively unique in having a character that actually changed race as part of the transformation, rather than just turn some inhuman color like red or blue or classic Hulk-Green. While comicdom, both mainstream and fanmade, has had a fair share of black superheroes, Urtha is the only one I've ever heard of to not also be black in her "civilian disguise".
mercblue22 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010
Thanks BTX for finally clearing up who owns ownership of the migthy URTHA! She is definitely my 2nd favorite Unstoppables character behind Barbaria-Diane Knight. Urtha is such a unique character as she is the first one I've seen where her secret ID is a white college girl. :P Ah, goes to show you power has NO bounds, race, religion or creed. And yesa, I did pay homage to BTX's character by creating her in City of Villains. Oddly enough, I used Diane Knight as her alter-ego, lady lawyer with a magical bracelet to become her Amazonian form to clear up the streets where the law has failed. In all, I think BTX has such fantastic characters and I can't wait to see what he has in store for us in the near future.

Congrats on the new job, more money and of course, creating the mighty URTHA!

EGWUATU Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2010
That's cool. I respect you as an artist wanting to protect your creations as your private property not to be used in any way without your permission. And I agree with DrasticAction, I'm eager to see your latest piece.
DrasticAction Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2010
Thats kool. I've been waiting to see some new stuff from you buddy :D
BrianThomasX Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, this sort of thing probably happens more often than we think. It can be satisfying to have an idea that catches fire with people (even if you don't always know how to directly profit from it), but if you're not careful, the character can "get away" from you and be credited to someone else. So it does pay to be scrappy about it now and then. This happened to me with "Mass Appeal". :iconeegore959: did such a bang up job with the colors, that when I finally posted the work, people thought HE did it. Probably still do.

flanker-25 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2010
Funny, I just had this come up with my character, Sugar. I may copy your message to my page! Thanks!
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